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Powder Days happen Monday – Friday. There’s no reason why adventures need to be saved for the weekend. Every day is a day to be remembered at HoliMont.  And since HoliMont is open to Non-Members every Monday – Friday (except for the week between Christmas and New Years) you now have the opportunity of experiencing HoliMont numerous times throughout the season.

Our Weekday Experience Pass is the ideal way for you to get 10 weekdays of skiing and/or riding, as well as 5 group clinics at a minimal cost.Run after run, HoliMont will make your day. No long lines. No crowds. Just you and the excitement of the slopes. Plus More!

Break Down on Savings

Regular Weekday Pass        $56 x 10 = $560
Regular Clinics                      $50 x 5 = $250
Retail Price:                                          $810

Buy Now:                                               $250 (If purchased by May 1, 2018)

*The Weekday Experience Pass is a non-transferable picture pass.

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