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Welcome to HoliMont

For over 50 years, families and snowsports enthusiasts from miles around have converged on HoliMont – North America’s largest private ski resort devoted to family skiing adventures.

Generations of members have been drawn in by the amazing skiing, only to fall in love with the warm, community atmosphere that makes HoliMont the kind of place you never want to leave.

After witnessing the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid in 1932, William Merk, founder of HoliMont, was inspired to pursue his passion for skiing in the Ellicottville area. After skiing for years with the Ellicottville Ski Club on Fish Hill and throughout the Greer and Holiday Valley areas, he decided to start a private ski club. Read more about the Ski Club’s beginnings

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  • Jim Barker Club Championship

  • Nominations are Open

    HoliMont Board Nominations
    The nominating committee wanted to dispel any beliefs that board nominations are only accepted through a secret group of elders. The committee is very open and excited to announce that new applications for nomination to the board



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